Social Security

It is estimated that about 70% of people who apply for Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits are denied. Even when you apply for regular Social Security Benefits (SSA) – Old-Age, Survivors – you have better luck getting approvals when you work with an attorney who understands this complex area of law. At the law office of William J. Rice, Jr., people get the legal advice and representation they need to obtain these important government benefits.

William J. Rice, Jr. Attorney At Law

William J. Rice, Jr. Attorney at Law is a Houston Social Security Attorney who is experienced in this area of law. He has helped hundreds of Texans apply for, appeal and receive various types of government benefits, including SSA, SSI, and SSDI. At our law office, people get prompt, individualized service from a lawyer who is thorough and persistent. We work hard to get you the benefits you deserve, and we understand the ever-changing rules that apply to these government programs.

Attorney William Rice

Since opening his law practice office in Houston, TX, in 1975, Attorney William Rice has focused on the practice of Family Law, Personal Injury and Social Security. He understands the importance that obtaining Social Security benefits has to each client and their family. Delays, long appeal times and the constant stress of waiting for answers from government agencies are stressful and sometimes unnecessary. Attorney William Rice knows how these agencies operate and what is required for approvals and successful appeals to Administrative Law Judges.

Houston Social Security Attorney

The law office of William J. Rice, Jr. Attorney at Law welcomes people from around the Houston metropolitan area with personalized attention and excellent client services. Attorney William J. Rice, Jr., enjoys helping people overcome legal challenges and achieve their goals. He offers reasonable fees and is competitive in the areas of law practice he prefers: Family Law, Personal Injury and Social Security. Many cases, including Social Security, are handled on a contingency fee basis.

William J. Rice, Jr., is a caring attorney who goes the extra mile to help his clients get the exact legal services they need. He also works with several other attorneys, and they cooperate as needed to make sure your legal needs are met. Each client is top priority at this law office.

If you are about to apply for Social Security benefits, or need help with an appeal of a denial, contact William J. Rice, Jr., Attorney at Law for the legal direction and assistance you need to win your case. Call us now, at (832) 203-7728.

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