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Find an experienced Houston Personal Injury Attorney to help you at the law firm of William J. Rice, Jr., Attorney at Law. Mr. Rice has been helping people from the Houston metropolitan area fight for justice and fairness since 1975. It often is said that life is not fair, but with a strong attorney at your side, you can gain fair compensation for damage claims that are allowed under Texas Personal Injury laws. Our fees are reasonable, and Personal Injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis.

William J. Rice, Jr. Attorney At Law

Client services offered by the law office of William J. Rice, Jr. Attorney at Law include legal advice and representation for people who need help resolving Personal Injury, Family Law and Social Security matters. We take your problems seriously, and give you the attention, respect and response that you deserve. Each client gets individualized legal advice and solutions for their unique legal issues. We also are compassionate and understand how important your problems are to you and your family.

Attorney William Rice

A concerned and caring professional, Attorney William Rice has helped numerous clients find justice and fair compensation after they were injured in accidents and other ways covered under the scope of Personal Injury Law. This includes vehicle accidents, discrimination, workplace harassment and other damage claims. We are thorough and persistent, from the investigative phase to final conclusion of your case. Attorney William J. Rice, Jr., works with several attorneys, so we are able to help you with other legal issues as well.

Houston Personal Injury Attorney

Our approach is to work closely with people who want the best legal attention from a Houston Personal Injury Attorney. We want to understand your point of view and help you make important decisions, and we keep you informed about your case at every step, so you understand the legal process you must go through. We are always available to help you gain fair compensation for your Personal Injury claims. You should not have to suffer because of an accident or other actions caused by someone else’s negligent behavior.

Typical Personal Injury claims include compensation for:

  • Medical Care – hospital, doctor, dentist, therapist and nursing bills
  • Work Loss – temporary or permanent disability may mean loss of your job or retraining
  • Recovery Expenses – special equipment, nursing home, rehabilitation therapy
  • Survivor Losses – wrongful death of a loved one, loss of companionship or guardianship, loss of future inheritance

Learn more about our services and how we can help you find justice for Personal Injury claims. We also offer client services in the practice of Family Law and Social Security law. Contact Attorney William J. Rice, Jr. Attorney at Law today. Call now for your free consultation at: (832) 203-7728.

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